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A little news. [12 Feb 2006|11:18am]
Wow. Time to update. Because a lot has happened.
Some of you have heard me mention Callum... Er, I hope most of you have. Anyway. Last night, we went out on the harbour, and he proposed.

So. Yes. -Grins-
I feel sheepish even writing this, you know. We're going back to see his parents in Belfast in April for a few weeks, which is okay. I don't mind that, but hate the plane ride. Callum finishes up his contract in December here, so then we have to decide where to live and such. No idea on that one, anyway.

Ugh. So digustingly in love. Everytime he opens his damn mouth I giggle. Yes, giggle.
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... [16 Jan 2006|08:37am]
If I could stop staring in amazement at the light in my room, I could get this updated.
I feel shit.
I look shit.
Everythings a bit shit. I do all this study, and I end up with what? Compramising myself?
I feel like I'm selling out. Maybe I wouldn't have been a writer anyway, but I should have tried.

I'm having a cigarette. So piss off, world.
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.. [09 Nov 2005|05:05pm]
Ugh, haven't seen anyone in ages! Sorry guys, have been away, I should have sent postcards! -kicks self-
Bob, I tried to SMS your mobile (cell?) but it wouldn't go through. What network are you on bebe? My phone company thought that was the issue? I contemplated just trying to call but wimped out in case it was 3am!
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... [18 Oct 2005|09:36pm]
Ugh. Whenever I come online no one is on. We got new carpet, so have been minus the net while it's laid down, too.
Blegh. Where IS everyone?
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Rambling. [02 Oct 2005|10:04am]
Bob, Kris, where ARE you? Everytime I sign in, NOTHING! -sulks-
Maybe I'm getting online too earlly?
I got a Nintendo DS for my birthday. ILU, nintendogs. I keep getting distracted from Neo to play it. Cause Nintendogs is more fun.
Besides that, the usual hanging out with Joel is occuring, and not much else. I've got my last uni paper in for the term, so untill next term, I'm free. Wooo.
We made cake the other day. It was tasty. I've suggested cookies next week, but Joel muttered something about girls and went and playing his xbox. Made it up to me with lunch though, so he's forgiven.
Em Reeves is wandering to the UK next year for a year. I'm so jealous. I want to go back there. Even just to Loch Ness. I'm in love with Loch Ness, all of Scotland, actually. I know the trend is Ireland and all things Celtic, but I'm just attached to Scotland. The history almost makes me weep.
(though not as much as I would neomail everyone, tell them about it, call family members -private sneer exchange with Issy over lame people-)
My sister returns in about 10 weeks, which will be awsome, I hope. I think she's going to crash a bit, emotionally, coming home from it all, but I don't know. Em is a kind of 'love the one you're with' person, so she should settle back in without a hiccup.
Plus Christmas is coming. I'm so fucking broke and christmas is coming -hums- This year I'm going to try send presents to Seattle and Texas. To anyone really, not two certain chicas in paticular -grins- I kid, I kid because I love. But yes, will send packages this year. Seasonal tim tams or something.
I've found Vanilla iced tea. and life couldn't be better. It's also good non iced. I can feel summer coming.. I'm so going to laze around in the pool like a beached whale all over christmas. Y'know, one wearing a lot of suncream, because holes in the ozone layer WILL NOT be the death of me.
Joel wants to do a week in Vietnam next year, which could be interesting.
On the note of travel, more sorrow goes out to those hurt, killed, or touched by the latest terrorist attack in Bali, once more, young, innocent Australians the victim of a country so wrapped up in fanatical hate that it fails to remember it's only hurting it's own people.
What is Indonesia going to do when more and more Australians turn away in favour of other cheap holiday destinations such as Thailand, Indo-China and so forth?
The Australian tradition is to wander. We're adventure seeking people, and the world knows it. But we won't support a place that kills our people forever.
Wake up, Bali. You're letting a foolish, uneducated few ruin the future of your economy.
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Mmmmf. [24 Sep 2005|09:45pm]
Almost my birthday. Everyone party. Now.
Okay, or not.
I scratched Joel tonight. By accident. But as punishment, I'm not allowed his striped beanie. Which sucks ass.
I'm also, still ill. And now he is too. So I feel rather guilty.
Linds, if you read this, as soon as i work out how to SMS the states I shall do so and contact you. And Bob, you need to get your "cell" number to me, damn you.
And Kris needs to get a "cell"
Mobile, people, Mobile!
Not much else has been going on. Same old, same old. Miss you guys so much, the net isn't the same without you.Mmmmf -hug, adore-
We apparently got new flyscreens today, which means, I'm told I can sleep "with my window open".. Which is good.
So. Boring update. Because I never do.
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[22 Sep 2005|07:20am]
In case anyones wondering where I am.. I have an incrediblly bad flu.. I'm constantlly dizzy, ill, and tired.
So sorry guys, not ignoring you. Just sick as a dog.
Today, for example, poor Joel has the fun job of hauling my coughing, useless hide to the shops and back. Which he apparently doesn't mind doing, provided I don't vomit on him. So let's hope I don't.
And then? Straight back to bed, I'm informed.
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[25 Aug 2005|05:03pm]
So, like..
You can no longer Neo-find me at Veruka.

I'm back in Image My side accounts are Rumba and Veruka

Yeah. Two years later and I'm uniced. Fancy that!

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Verdict: Schapelle Corby found guilty [26 Apr 2005|01:32pm]
Verdict: Schapelle Corby found guilty

You know what?
I wouldn't set foot in a fucked up country that can find someone who is so goddamn obviously innocent, to be guilty.
20 years is a fucking long time for something you didn't do. 20 years is a fucking long time when you're only twenty seven years old.
A jail in Bali is a long way from the Gold Coast.
It's a fucking long time to miss growing up, having children, and so forth.
Especially in a jail in a foreign country where a case can go to court that in Australia wouldn't have even made it to local court.
Twenty years is too long for something. Fucking MURDERERS.. fucking CHILD ABUSERS get goddamn less than twenty years.
A big thank you to a legal system that is truely fucked up.
The men who bombed a nightclub and killed over two hundred people in this same country got penalities varying from life to execution.
It might as well be life, mightn't it?
Twenty fucking years... when theres evidence staring you right in the face.
You know what?
I therefor announce my boycott on all products from Bali, and Indonesia. I would rather spend every cent I had than support such a fucked up desicion.
Compassion and truth were missing from that courtroom today. But that's allright. Because in the end, everyone is judged. If not by some deity, by ones own soul.
I hope the judges sleep very badly tonight. They should. The theft of innocent life and precious moments are on their hands.
Flame all you want. I'm not even going to be in the country.

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